About Us

Welcome! I'm Cintia Diarbakrli, the founder of Jocacy, and I want to share my heartfelt story with you. It's a journey from war-torn Syria to the lively city of Canada Montreal, where Jocacy began and been based.

I am Armenian Syrian, born and raised in Syria. I lived in Syria my whole life, until the war began. My family and I lived through it for two years; through bombs, fear and all the dangerous conditions that war brings. Naturally, my family decided to pack our bags and flee our home, our country, for a better life.

We moved to Canada 8 years ago knowing no other languages but our own, knowing no one else but our family, having no security (job, finances, etc) and had to start a new life, with nothing, from nothing.

I decided to use this "misery" as fuel to work towards my aspirations. I decided to work really hard on myself, take low paying jobs just to learn French/English and to socialize. After a couple of years, I decided to take action and follow my dream: own and operate my own clothing line.



No one believed in me, not even my own family. But I didn't care, because I believed in myself and I knew I would make it someday. I wanted it too badly for it NOT to work.

I put my blood, sweat, tears, and all I had into building my brand, my baby, Jocacy.

In Canada, I discovered my passion for fashion, a way to express my experiences and dreams.

Jocacy is more than just a brand to me; it represents resilience and the beauty of starting fresh.

When you shop at Jocacy, you can expect the highest quality fabrics, all vetted by my team and I. 

Come along as I show you how my dreams turned into the reality of Jocacy today.


Cintia - Founder

Questions? Contact us at boutique@jocacy.com.